Öppettider sommaren 2017

Blåsenhus öppettider sommaren 2017

Parking map

Here is an updated map for parking in the Blåsenhus area.

Map of parking area

Welcome to Campus Blåsenhus!

Campus Blåsenhus not only provides space for the Department of Education and the Department of Psychology, but also the Centre for Educational Management, the Centre for Professional Development and Internationalisation of Schools, the Regional Development Centre and the Office of User Support and Educational Technology.

We are also home to nearly 3,500 students and approximately 300 employees. 


Visiting address: von Kraemers Allé 1A, 752 37 Uppsala

Postal address: Intendenturen Blåsenhus, Box 2136, 750 02 Uppsala

Shipping address: Intendenturen Blåsenhus, Box 2136, 750 02 Uppsala

Contact information

Information desk: 018-471 24 40

Fax: 018-471 24 00

Campus manager: 018-471 24 78

The country code for Sweden is (00) 46


PowerPointpresentation från introduktionsdagen


Här kan du läsa den informationsfolder som ger dig matnyttig information om Blåsenhus

What should you do in an emergency?

Alarm number for emergencies: 018-471 25 00

You should call the Uppsala University emergency number if there is risk for, or suspected,

  • serious personal, environmental or property damage
  • damage to the image or reputation of the university or its activities
  • damage to the activities of the university or one of its institutions

NOTE: In cases of severe and acute danger, call 112!