About Blåsenhus

Blåsenhus, one of the newest campuses within Uppsala University is located in the area with the very same name. You can find Blåsenhus opposite the Uppsala castle. The Blåsenhus area has a historical past that goes back 350 years.

Friday 20th April 2007 at 2pm the work began to build Blåsenhus, a campus as big as 25 000 m². You can meet future teachers, human resources specialists, behavioural scientists and psychologists if you visit Blåsenhus. Some training and education for the universities own staff is also taking place here in Blåsenhus. The official opening was on Thursday 11th march 2010.

Blåsenhus is light, airy and with many areas for the students to study. There are also possibilities to study outside with the wireless network being accessible outside.

The building Blåsenhus was assigned “UNTs stadsmiljöpris 2011”