Access Card at Blåsenhus

An access card is required to access University premises. Access to premises depends on what courses you are currently registered for. If you are registered for a course at any of the departments with Blåsenhus campus you can obtain a card at the reception. The card is valid for the entirety of your time as a student and it automatically updated for access at course registrations.

The access card is your “key” to the university and shall be handled as such.

- You may not do any damage to the card.

- Lost or damaged cards are replaced for a fee of 100 Kr.

- Access card and personal code should not be kept together.

- The access card may not be used by another person.

- Do not let any unauthorized person into the  premises with your access card.

Loss of access card shall immediately be reported to Campus Management.

After having finished your studies the access card shall be returned to Campus Management.